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"We set our goals high, to make sure yours are exceeded" - Chef Mark

What started in late 2004 as a side project for Chef Mark Scharaga, is now the fastest and hottest growing nyotaimori sushi business in the Country. The Nyotaimori Experience has been showcased on Buzzfeed, Munchies, and Playboy mansion. So how did the Nyotaimori Experience begin? Chef Mark was asked to cater sushi for a friends birthday party and quickly realized the art of this experience was expansive and provided an opportunity to expand his plating style and creativity. As his reputation grew, he obtained the nickname "the naked sushi king". While he initially embraced the name, it always felt a little unwarranted. In 2009, Chef Mark changed the name to the Nyotaimori Experience, which he felt was more in line with what nyotaimori sushi was all about... a true artful gastronomical experience.

The business generated interest from West Coast and East Coast Clients and nyotaimori "body" sushi experiences were being created by Chef Mark and his team all over the Country. To date the company has provided over 125 body sushi events in 14 different states and is primarily an OFF PREMISE service, meaning we come to you. On occassion we do have venues that we work with. Our client list has grown to include some recognizable names; such as Playboy, Buzzfeed, HBO, and more..

We take pride in making sure everything about our naked body sushi services are on point. We were the first nyotaimori sushi company to offer off premise catering of sushi and body sushi. Sure,today there are a lot more people offering the service, but we focus on providing the experience and have the know how to keep the sushi safe. We also create our own sushi. It's not bought somewhere and then placed on a person. So contact us today to schedule your Nyotaimori Experience.

Our services are perfect for any event that you truly are aiming to leave a lasting impression. Nyotaimori sushi is a great addition to corporate events like hospitality suites, trade shows. and sales meetings. It can help your business generate more sales and social media attention. Nyotaimori sushi is also a terrific addition to bachelor/bachelorette parties, VIP events, birthdays, pool parties and special occassions.

Traveling Sushi?

We learned the art of traveling early on, while we are often one of the more costly providers of nyotaimori, we do it better than anyone.

We source locally as possible, but many of our seafood purveyors ship over night so we're able to source extremely fresh and high quality ingredients. Often not frozen. Tuna always fresh and premium quality. All sushi is either created onsite or at one of our catering prep kitchens, so it's fresh and delicious.

What does a Nyotaimori Experience Cost?

There is no short answer as events vary so greatly. However, if you're expecting a cost similar to a dinner at your favorite local sushi bar, we're not the sushi catering service for you.

Models, Models and more Models.

We have a large selection of beautiful women (or men) to meet just about any taste or preference. We even have models published in major mens magazines, usually for a higher premium. We also have nantaimori male models as well for bachelorette parties and LGBT events wanting more diversity.

About Our Team

Chef Mark Scharaga/Chef Josh Thaxton.

Our chef team is headed by Chef Mark Scharaga, one of the few sushi chefs certified by the Blue Ocean Institute for sustainability.

Recently we added two additional Chef's and an Event Coordinator to insure we can provide service for just about any event. With over 30 years of sushi crafting experience, we are the top provider of sushi and naked sushi catering in the United States. Our main cities for naked sushi are:








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