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SOYO SUSHI CATERING is proud to offer a Nyotaimori Experience for your event. We are the premier provider of luxurious nyotaimori "body" or "naked" sushi experiences in the United States. Our chefs are dedicated to providing an outstanding sushi and visual experience. When attention to quality and detail matter, we're the perfect company to provide nyotaimori "body" sushi services.

No event is beyond our capabilities to provide a truly extraordinary and sosphisticated sushi experience. Contact us today:

Phone: 888.987.0287 Ext 2

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  • Locations for Events?Most of the time we provide our nyotaimori sushi services at a location chosen by our clients. We can provide a venue for your event, however there are additional costs.
  • What is naked sushi?Nyotaimori or Naked Sushi is an art that while we didn't invent, we perfected in early 2005 and involves consuming sushi created by skilled chefs, off the human form. It can feature both male (nantaimori) or women (nyotaimori). We have done over 95 events since our inception. Some for major music stars, nfl players, and etc.
  • How long do events last?Nyotaimori sushi typically lasts anywhere from one to two hours, however we can extend the time depending upon access to food service and prep areas and size of the event.

Why Naked Sushi?

When you want to make a statement
Add sex appeal or a level of artistic impression that elevates your next party or event with our naked sushi. Adding a beautiful model to serve as the plate for some of the most amazing sushi, just takes any event, up many notches. We are truly unbeatable in the level of sophistication and elegance we can provide.

What events make sense for this?
Nyotaimori commonly called naked sushi or body sushi is perfect for just about any event where you want to draw attention. We have done corporate events, hospitality suites, bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, music award parties, and just about everything else you can think of. We excel at coming up with creative ideas for your nyotaimori experience..

Our Philosophy

At the Nyotaimori Experience, our goal is to provide a lasting memorable experience that people will talk about long after the event. Our sushi is of the highest quality found in upscale sushi restaurants. We also feature a large selection of sustainable sushi. Infact, we can specifically design a full menu to be 100% sustainable. Chef Mark is known for creating amazing sushi and has been lauded in several magazines and reviews for his crafting of delicious sushi. We bring fine dining to your event. We treat each event with a high level of detail.

Our Chef team enjoys creating masterful sushi and visual displays using the human form as our plate. We are SERVSAFE certified and fully insured. We have some of the best reviews in our field.


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